I have spent the last 7 years in Olympia working for the House of Representatives.  Working as the Legislative Assistant for Representative J.T. Wilcox has taught me how government works and what local counties need.  I know the legislative process and I want to bring this to Mason County.
Economic growth is vital for Mason County.  With the ever growing financial needs of the county, new economic growth is essential.  I bring a fresh understanding of how to bring business into the County. 

Mental health affects our entire community.  Solving this issue will not be a short term plan.  Mental health issues can be both temporary and long term.  We need a comprehensive plan in place that includes solutions.  

Public safety is imperative to a community's growth and stability.  Mason County residents deserve a safe county where they can live without fear of being victimized.  This can only be achieved by having a strong, local law enforcement and judicial system.